About The Issue

Who We Help

The Be a Coffee Bean Foundation aims to help individuals who may have been negatively impacted by the current criminal justice system through disadvantages within their community. Our two different programs have initiatives that include addressing criminal justice reform, systemic racism and generational incarceration.

Children with
Currently Incarcerated Parents

The Coffee Bean CARES program provides opportunities to children who are negatively impacted by their parents’ choices while focusing on strengthening the parent/child relationship.


Currently Incarcerated Black Men and At-Risk Youth

The initiative behind Mister Coffee Bean is to help currently incarcerated black men earn their degrees in elementary education, and to become positive male role models for at-risk youth. This program is committed to reversing the school-to-prison pipeline.


There is a Crisis

Our current criminal justice system can be very unforgiving, especially to disadvantaged communities, specifically, black men. The effects of the criminal justice system can be traumatizing to not only the currently or previously incarcerated persons, but to entire generations and communities. Research has shown that children of incarcerated parents are more likely to also become incarcerated. 

One major issue affecting communities is the lack of black male educators and role models within the education system. We need to acknowledge and address the issues of systemic racism and criminal justice reform in order to make changes for a better future.

Systemic Racism is addressed by increasing the number of black male role models and educators for at-risk youth.

Criminal Justice Reform is addressed with pre-interventions for at-risk youth and second chances for low-grade, nonviolent currently incarcerated black men.

Providing Opportunities to currently incarcerated black men such as earning their degree or providing extracurricular scholarships to children of all races with a currently incarcerated parent.

Eliminating Generational Incarceration by strengthening the relationships between currently incarcerated parents and their children.

What We Do

We have created two programs within our foundation that aim to address the issues of systemic racism and criminal justice reform. Within each program, we have identified issues that need to be addressed and have presented solutions to make a difference.

The Be a Coffee Bean Foundation is committed to helping both the Coffee Bean CARES program and the Mister Coffee Bean program, through partnerships, funding, resources, advocacy, and public support. 

Accountability For Action

We pride ourselves in maintaining a low overhead cost foundation. Our co-founder, co-founder/executive director, and board members all serve on a voluntary basis and derive no financial gain from our foundation. 


All online donations are overhead free donations, meaning every dollar donated online goes directly to the populations we serve.


The foundation’s administrative costs are provided, in part, by in-person individual and corporate donations.


We are an IRS designated nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) ID #85-1345888