“He who opens a school door closes a prison”
– Victor Hugo

The most effective pre-intervention and second chance programs for criminal justice reform are found in education and recreation. Without common-sense educational reform, both inside and outside of prisons, the cycle of unemployment, poverty, and mass incarceration will never be broken.

Creating Positive Change

The mission of the Be A Coffee Bean foundation is to significantly improve the quality of life for at-risk youth and provide second chances for reformed incarcerated individuals through mentorship, education, support, and advocacy.


What Happens When We Help

By putting efforts into these children we help them become active members of society. Intervention also eliminates crime, brings systematic impact, and provides better educational and healthcare opportunities.


The world is a pot of boiling water.
You have 3 choices:

The Carrot
Be like the carrot and
turn soft (sad and weak)
The Egg
Be like the egg that turns
hard (mad and mean)
The Coffee Bean
Be like the coffee bean that
changes the water (positive)