Mister Coffee Bean

From Currently Incarcerated Man to Formerly Incarcerated Mister

We select currently incarcerated, black men, with non-violent, non-aggravated, low level offenses, with the aptitude to test into college, who also do not have a lot of time left on their sentences. These misters will then be transferred to one prison, where a university affiliated with Call Me MISTER® will come into the prison so that these men can earn their bachelor degrees in elementary education and be mentored in a Living Learning Community. After earning their elementary education degrees, and passing their teacher certification exams, they will be paroled and placed to teach in the most at-risk elementary schools in their state to serve as educators and role models for our most at-risk youth carrying out the mission behind the
Mister Coffee Bean program.

This program aims to reform the current criminal justice system through strategies that focus on preventing our youth from becoming a part of the criminal justice system entirely by addressing the school-to-prison pipeline, by reversing it, creating the prison-to-school pipeline of reformed role models with lived experiences that our youth can benefit and
learn from.

Working together to make a difference

The Mister Coffee Bean initiative was created to make a difference by addressing systemic racism by providing black male role models to at-risk youth and by addressing criminal justice reform with pre-interventions and second chances. 

The success of this program relies on 5 major partnerships that will work together to make a difference. Each partnership represents a different pillar needed for success: the currently incarcerated black man, the prison establishment, the university, Call Me MISTER®, and the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation.

Together with these partnerships and your support, we provide our Misters with all necessary resources needed for success. 

Only 2%
of US teachers are black men.

Who Benefits

The Mister Coffee Bean initiative will not only benefit the currently incarcerated man but entire communities and at-risk youths. As we aim to address issues such as systemic racism and criminal justice reform, we believe that true change begins with the coffee beans, our currently incarcerated men. As our coffee beans are placed in their boiling pot of water, the current education system, we will turn the boiling water to coffee, and the benefits of the program will continue to serve future students of the Misters and our communities for generations to come. 

There is a serious lack of male role models, especially black male teachers, in the elementary education system, and we want to change that by educating all young students on multiculturalism and diversity that begin in an elementary school setting. 

Key Focus Areas
For Outcomes

We believe that in order for a person to succeed, they must have the necessary tools to achieve success. That is why the partnerships between the mister, the jail or prison system, the university, the Call Me MISTER program, and the Be A Coffee Bean Foundation are committed to provide our Mister Coffee Beans with the resources needed to complete their elementary education degree. 

The Be a Coffee Bean Foundation will cover any cost, not covered by pell grants and scholarships, to ensure the success of this program and that includes supplies needed for living, learning, community and with getting their degree and certification to teach. After release, the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation is committed to our mister’s re-entry process. After making parole or release, the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation helps the Misters by giving our graduates a car, a wardrobe, a place to live, and their first-year student teacher salary. 

Our programs will not cost the taxpayers any additional dollars as we are funded through private donations.  You can also make a difference by supporting our program.


Commitment: Our Mister Coffee Beans will be committed to teach at an at-risk elementary school for 4 years.

Recovery: Our Misters will maintain a dedicated program of recovery and meet all requirements of their parole including mandatory supervision.

Volunteer: Our Mister Coffee Beans will commit to becoming a civic volunteer to further benefit his community.

Growth & Development: Our Misters will not only focus on community development, but also on developing our youth through grassroots programs and leadership opportunities.

Questions & Answers

How thorough is the selection process when choosing an incarcerated person to become “Mister Coffee Bean”?

The prison system will select currently incarcerated black men on strict criteria for the program. The ideal candidate will have only low grade offenses and minimal time left to serve. The offender will NOT be selected if they have a history of violent crimes.

Are previously incarcerated persons allowed to teach in elementary schools?

Yes, felons can, and already do, teach in the public-school setting. Our program is to provide our Misters with tutoring, mentoring, character development, and not only the tools for successful re-entry, but the tools to be a reformed and good man, a much needed role model for our youth.

What will my donations be used for?

All financial needs not already covered by scholarships or pell grants for the currently incarcerated man to earn his elementary education degree while incarcerated. After release, our graduates receive a car, a wardrobe, a place to live, and their first-year student teacher salary.