Coffee Bean CARES

Cultivating Activities and Relationships through Extracurricular Scholarships.

Coffee Bean CARES was created to assist the children of currently incarcerated parents. It is no question that these children are the true victims when it comes to the mistakes of men and women who have committed a crime. This program will provide children with scholarship opportunities for extracurricular activities such as dance, debate, sports, music lessons, ie, any extracurricular scholarship of their choice.

The currently incarcerated parent is provided with the opportunity to nominate their child and write an essay for a scholarship to help strengthen the parent/child relationship by giving both a sense of unity, despite their current situation of separation.

Making a Difference

The Coffee Bean CARES program aims to address issues associated with the trauma and aftermath of losing a parent to the criminal justice system. We hope to eliminate the cycle of generational incarceration while reducing the stigma for children with currently incarcerated parents. We believe that by providing extracurricular activity opportunities, the children can shift their focus to activities based on their interests and skills; opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. 

children in The US have experienced parental incarceration

Who Benefits

The Coffee Bean CARES program will primarily benefit the child of the currently incarcerated parent, but will also have lasting benefits for the currently incarcerated parent when it comes to strengthening the parent/child relationship. 

In this situation, the currently incarcerated parents are the coffee beans, while the pot of boiling water is the child’s environment. When the parent chooses to become the coffee bean, nominate their child and write an essay on how they are working on themselves and their family bond while currently incarcerated, they are reclaiming their sense of usefulness while making a difference in their child’s life. 

Key Focus Areas
For Outcomes

The Coffee Bean CARES program focuses on the parent/child dynamic and the difficulty to maintain a relationship after a parent has been incarcerated. If we focus on  strengthening the family bond, we believe this will have a positive outcome for the child in eliminating generational incarceration and help the currently incarcerated parent with re-entry upon release and reduce recidivism rates by keeping the currently incarcerated parent involved in their family unit.

The Be a Coffee Bean Foundation is committed to covering all costs related to the  all-inclusive scholarship opportunities for children of currently incarcerated parents. You can also make a difference by supporting this program.


Commitment: This program is committed to providing opportunities to disadvantaged children

Parent/child relationship: We are committed to strengthening this bond through the CARES program

Extracurricular Activities: We believe a child can better cope with their situation through extracurricular scholarships

Addressing the issues: Breaking the cycle of generational incarceration and reducing recidivism rates through criminal justice reform. 


Contact us if you or your company is interested in sponsoring a child/children

Questions & Answers

How is a child “nominated” by their currently incarcerated parent(s)?

The currently incarcerated parent will apply for the CARES program on behalf of their child. The currently incarcerated parents will receive the scholarship applications from their child’s guardian through referrals to our program from school counsellors and principals. By nominating and writing an essay for their child, we hope to strengthen the family bond by maintaining an active role for the currently incarcerated parent in their child’s wellbeing.

What kind of extracurricular activities can be provided to the child?

We understand that each child may have different interests or hobbies and that is why the CARES program is all inclusive for ALL extracurricular activities. (Dance, debate, karate, sports, gymnastics, learning a second language, etc.)

How long will a Coffee Bean CARES scholarship last for the child?

As long as the child is engaged in the activity and wants to continue the activity. Currently, or formerly, incarcerated parents (or guardians in some cases) will provide a yearly update application to keep their child enrolled in the program until their child graduates from high school or the parent reports they have re-entered in society and/or can financially support the activity for their child.